MLB Draft Podcast Ep. 8: Bobby Stroupe on Utilizing Downtime to Stay On Your Game

This week, Travis and Erik interview Bobby Stroupe, founder and president of Athlete Performance Enhancement Center (APEC). Bobby and his team started APEC in 2005 and it has grown over the years to become one of the most trusted sources for athletic performance improvement including accolades from and work with Nike. Bobby and APEC have trained some of the best athletes in the world including NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes.

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IRS 2020 Tax Payment Extension Details

Today, the IRS provided the full details of the tax payment extension in Notice 2020-17. The notice provides that individuals may defer up to $1 million of Federal income tax payments ($10 million for corporations) until July 15, 2020. For this purpose, Federal income...

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MLB Draft Podcast Ep. 5: Tyler Beede on Navigating the Draft and Your Baseball Career

On this week’s episode of the MLB Draft Podcast by AWM Capital, we’re joined by Tyler Beede – pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. Tyler had the unique opportunity of being a 1st round draft pick two separate times. He turned down the first opportunity to pursue college at Vanderbilt and further hone his skills. He discusses playing at the collegiate level, on TEAM USA, and continuing on again to the MLB draft as a first round pick.

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MLB Draft Podcast Ep. 4: Selecting the Right Financial Team

Last time, we discussed how to find a sports agent who has the expertise and experience for your situation that can advocate for you in contract negotiations and representation…

This week, we continue the conversation to help you finish building out a trusted team that can help you navigate the biggest financial decision of your life by finding the right financial team for you.

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MLB Draft Podcast Ep. 2: What’s My Number?

Should you sign a professional contract or head to campus?

This is the decision every high school or college player with eligibility will make this upcoming June. This looming decision will have a dramatic impact on the trajectory of your baseball career and life. How prepared and confident are you that you would make the right decision?

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All Time Highs Have You Worried?

Over the course of a summer, it’s not unusual for the stock market to be a topic of conversation at barbeques or other social gatherings. A neighbor or relative might ask about which investments are good at the moment. The lure of getting in at the right time or...

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